Our Philosophy

Each Person Is Unique

We operate under the premise that each person is unique and brings experiences that need individualized attention.

We view people in family contexts to understand the influences that play a role in how a person makes decisions and prioritizes solutions.

The foundation of our approach to treatment and all forms of counseling in our office is one of respect, empowering people to make their own choices. We take time to listen carefully and identify with a person problem maintaining behaviors and look for workable solutions. We offer therapy in Bellevue that is accessible from all neighborhoods of Seattle.

Customized Mental Health Services

Our mental health, family and addiction therapy resources are research based. We do not incorporate 12 steps in our program offerings. Instead, our counseling approach is based on The Stages of Change model, Motivational Enhancement and Systemic Family Systems model.

Professional Effective Therapy For Your Growth

We find many people seeking addiction treatment and mental health counseling are already very hard on themselves. An effective and productive approach is one of exploration and inquiry. We use counseling approaches that are research based and utilize innovative approaches that are common sense at their core.

We find groups to be of great value to our clients, helping build cohesive groups and increase trust among members. Our groups are lively, interesting and fun filled with supportive and earnest people who desire personal growth.

We attract people who are motivated and have a personal desire to grow and change. Our clinic is geared to family and self-referred individuals. Some people we serve have a legal requirement to be in treatment and counseling but those who come to us are internally motivated to change their life.

Our Philosophy

Addiction Therapy Services

In addiction treatment and counseling for the family, we avoid confrontation and heavy-handed styles. These outdated models stem from an early approach of “pull yerself up by your bootstraps”, “lock em up and throw away the key” and “just say no” archaic approaches of the last century.

Self Help Group Support

We encourage exploration of social support networks that encourage a holistic approach to recovery. These networks include such groups as Smart Recovery, Buddhist Recovery, yoga communities, AA/NA/OA/Alanon, online support groups, NAMI groups, psychotherapy groups, Celebrate Recovery, etc.

Our Treatment Team

Nearly all of our counselors hold a masters degree with several licensed mental health counselors. We meet in weekly team consultation to review client issues with each other. This approach allows us to tap into the expertise of one another as well as maintain clarity and professionalism.

We are fortunate to have a variety of backgrounds and expertise that allows us to work with all members of a family under one roof. This one-stop-shop approach allows us to provide a high level of coordinated care, which can be lost when family members are seeking services at multiple agencies.