Counseling For Individuals, Couples, Families and Teens & Intensive Outpatient Treatment In Bellevue, Washington

Our treatment groups are influenced by Mindfulness & Buddhist psychology. We help you to develop life long habits that foster growth and compassion for yourself and those in your life.

Locally and counselor owned and operated since 2004.

Alternative Treatment

At Eastside Center for Family, we provide an alternative, therapeutically based intensive outpatient treatment program commonly referred to as “rehab”.  If you are reading this, chances are good that you or a loved one is needing help now.

We use a Buddhist, mindful approach. Have you reached the point where you can no longer hide the effects of alcohol or drugs in your life? Do you have a partner or child whose substance abuse is making your life feel out of control?  In our clinic, we view substance abuse as a misguided attempt to solve problems that for some have reached a point of addiction. Contact us today.

Substance Abuse

At Eastside Center for Family, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program for those struggling with substance abuse issues in Washington.

We offer alternative treatment options. Our program is not religious or based upon a 12 step methodology.  Instead, we are influenced by a Buddhist, mindful psychology regarding the causes of suffering that contribute to your personal suffering. With proper support, a relapse prevention plan can be used to avoid further problems with substance abuse,  which we help our clients develop. Reach out today.


Group Offerings

  • Men’s Recovery Group 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 8:30-10:00am
  • Professional Pilot’s Group
  • Thursday Women’s Affected Others Group for Mom’s and Wives living with loved ones dealing with addiction and mental health issues 12:00-1:30pm
  • Wednesday Evening Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Group

We Accept Most Insurance

our purpose

Our Purpose

At Eastside Center for Family, we provide a safe and supportive environment for our clients to share their struggles and get the help they need. Our client-based approach is one of exploration and inquiry, allowing our clients to discover root causes of their addiction, substance abuse, conflict, and other issues that prevent them from living a full life.

We offer individual, couples, and family therapy as well as mindfulness based and trauma-informed outpatient treatment to treat substance abuse for people who are motivated and ready to begin to heal and improve their quality of life.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

We believe people need to be treated as individuals and, as such, we avoid a “one size fits all” approach. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional 12-step programs in Washington, reach out to us today.

Our individually-tailored treatment programs help clients embrace their circumstances so they can begin to accept and address what is causing their reliance on drugs and alcohol.

Adolescent and Family Therapy

Children and adolescents deal with their own unique stresses and challenges at home, in school, and in their peer groups. Working to find a balance between their own individuals needs and desires and the needs of their parents, family members, teachers, and peers, the pressure can be tremendous. The support and security fostered through therapy can provide an outlet for young people to overcome life’s early challenges.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling and marriage counseling are terms used to describe conjoint therapy. Couples therapy generally describes a couple in a relationship and marriage counseling describes individuals who are in a legally committed relationship. While each couple is unique, common problems that bring couples to therapy include premarital counseling, recurring personal issues experienced in previous relationships, a persistent argument with no resolution, unhappiness about sex, life transitions, arguments involving day-to-day life, and physical/mental health issues impacting the relationship.

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, mental health counseling, and individual counseling are terms used to describe when an individual seeks help in a private setting. Individual counseling at Eastside Center for Family is offered to clients who would benefit from individual attention and opportunities to work through issues privately. The decision to see a therapist typically occurs when an issue has become disruptive and uncomfortable enough that people recognize professional and therapeutic input would be valuable in moving forward.

If you’re struggling with addiction, substance abuse, depression, trauma, anxiety or more, reach out to us today.

Family Therapy & Education

Gathering family members together can be a difficult process. Families are resilient, complex and adept at devising ways to cope. We all want to feel balanced and to have our loved ones be happy and thrive. A family is like an historic building, over time many things can weaken it to the point of collapse. When something threatens a family’s ability to effectively cope, it may be a signal that the family has reached their capacity to help themselves. We help families rebuild their foundation and a provide a basis for developing a strong identity as they go about the job of helping each other grow and thrive.

Your Road to Emotional and Mental Well-Being Starts Now