Depression Self-Assessment Quiz

Take the Depression Self-Assessment and contact us today!

Depression Self-Assessment Quiz

Are you worried you may have depression? Help is available.

Answer yes/no to the following questions, and record your answers:

  • Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy?
  • Do deep feelings of sadness and loneliness bother you constantly?
  • Are you having sleeping issues, such as sleeping too little or too much?
  • Do you have low energy and affect?
  • Do you have appetite issues such as eating too little or too much?
  • Do you feel ashamed of yourself, like you aren’t good enough and you’re letting people down?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating on things such as studies, films, reading, or talking?
  • Have people noticed you speaking and moving slower?
  • Are you irritable and annoyed regularly?
  • Have your relationships suffered as a result of these overwhelming feelings?


Available Counseling Options


IOP (intensive outpatient) Treatment

OP (outpatient) Continuing Care

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Referral and Inpatient Treatment Planning