In the regular conduct of our practice, we may make use of a cellular phone, or other portable communication device, to communicate with clients.  In such cases, we will limit the information we store in any portable communication device to the least necessary.  Please be aware that such forms of communication do have inherent risks to client confidentiality.  If you would prefer that we do not store you name and telephone number in a portable communication device, or if you would prefer that we do not communicate with you via cellular phone, please inform your provider so that we can make alternative arrangements.

In order to best protect your confidentiality, your provider typically will communicate with clients via email or text for the purposes of scheduling or canceling appointments only. Your provider cannot guarantee the security or confidentially of information sent via email or text.  If you need to communicate with your provider via email or text for any other purpose, please discuss that with your provider in person.

Professional ethics standards do not permit us to communicate with clients via social media. For this reason, we cannot accept any client requests to connect on Facebook, or other similar social media platforms.  ECFF does maintain a professional social media presence that may used to provide general  information to clients.  Please do not use any professional social media platform as a mode of communication with your provider.  In addition, please understand that your decision to connect to ECFF’s professional social media presence may result in the disclosure of your clinical relationship.

We ask that you do not record all or any part of our sessions without first discussing that with your therapist.